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Product Recovery

Utilco Railroad Services has the equipment and know how to quickly transfer most agricultural products from wrecked cars into cars or in this case into trucks. Average time to transfer 100 tons of corn using our 150 HP Agri-Vac is three to four hours.

These photos show why Utilco has always been a leader and innovator in special equipment and tool design. When Utilco was given the task of transfering only the top layer of new rail from a car it was quickly apparent that moving one rail at a time would require too much effort and time. We quickly designed a ‘Multi-Dog’ system that quickly and easily remove an entire layer and reloads it in perfect order. How about a gondola car loaded with concrete ties and no way to get a forklift under them, if a steel grapple is used significant damage is sure to occur. Utilco quickly designed a simple grapple system that attached itself to the end of eleven ties and quickly transfers a car layer of forty four ties to a car designed to transport ties. Job is completed safely and quickly.